Expectations and Grading

Wheeling "Wildcat" Band

Expectations and Grading


Grading/Infinite Campus

Audition Scores and other grades will be posted online as they occur throughout the term. Two Major Auditions take place during the first and third quarter while Final Exams happen at the end of each semester. Our most important grades are auditions, which are performance based. These grades will be posted approximately two weeks after the last audition occurs. Students will sign up for audition times which occur before school, lunch period, after school, and evenings. There will be a second chance to raise performance grades after every audition. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s music experience and membership in the Wheeling High School Bands, please do no hesitate to call Brian Logan, Director of Bands, 847-718-7111, or email at brian.logan@d214.org. You will find additional Wheeling “Wildcat” Band Program information at our website: https://sites.google.com/site/whsbandsil.

Additional Grading Information

All band members will be graded on the following:

1. * Concert Attendance Credit: Each student is required to attend one (1) instrumental concert per semester as an audience member. These concerts may include other high school groups, musician clinics, and professional performances. Rock concerts, marching bands, grade/middle school performances, and pre-recorded music concerts will not be accepted. To receive credit;

A. Provide the front cover of the concert program or ticket stub with your name printed in the upper right corner.

B. Include a one page typed review of the concert. (Information should include performance quality, expression, technique, selections, effectiveness, etc.)

C. Submit within one week of the concert performance.

2. Attendance and punctuality are required for all rehearsals and performances. Excused absences include: serious illness, or involvement in another school activity providing you inform the band director two in advance (in writing). Students that have two (2) unexcused rehearsal tardies, one (1) unexcused missed rehearsal or one (1) unexcused performance absence will have their semester grade lowered one letter grade. In addition to the above, multiple absences, for any reason, will result in loss of privileges, ensemble demotion, and/or being dropped from band.

3. Attitude/Effort

A. Keep your instrument, music, and uniform in their assigned locations.

B. Take care of your WHS uniform and instrument(s).

C. Be prepared with all necessary equipment.

(maintained instrument, reeds, mutes, pencil, sticks, mallets, and music)

D. Warm up intelligently in a controlled manner (long tones).

E. Be respectful to the director, drum majors, section leaders, peers, and self.

4. Daily practice outside of rehearsal time/including weekly sectionals.

5. Marching Band music memorization and coordinate sheets at every rehearsal.

6. One Service Credit per semester. Sign up and help our band at one of our numerous events or activities.

Students will receive extra credit for successful participation in;

1. Selection to the IMEA District #7 and All State Bands

2. Additional Solo and Ensemble Contests, and/or member of Band and/or Orchestra outside of WHS.

3. Successful Private Lessons

(Scholarship funds are available from WIL for students that need financial assistance and practice daily)

4. Utilizing WHS Practice Facilities before, during, and after school.

Semester 1 Musical Expectations and Final *

Wind Symphony: 12 Major Scales & Chromatic Scale (memorized)

IMEA Scale Sheet

Music in Folder

Weekly Sectionals

FINAL: Successful participation in WHS Solo/Ensemble Festival

(WS members must play a solo with piano accompaniment and participate in a small ensemble with 2-5 members)

Symphony Band 12 Major Scales & Chromatic Scale (memorized)

Music in Folder

Weekly Sectionals

FINAL: Successful participation in WHS Solo/Ensemble

(SB members must play a solo or ensemble)

Semester 2 Musical Expectations and Final

Wind Symphony 12 Major Scales & Chromatic Scale (memorized)

Music in Folder

Weekly Sectionals

FINAL: IMEA Scales in less than two minutes and the Bb Major Scale, one octave, in tune within 5 cents

Symphony Band Music in Folder,

Weekly Sectionals

FINAL: 12 Major Scales in less than one minute (memorized) and the Bb Major Scale, one octave, in tune within 5 cents

Statement pertaining to District 214 controversial materials policy:

Should students, parents, or guardians have any questions regarding course expectations, media, textbooks, or music selection, please contact Mr. Logan.

Contact/Availability Information:

Mr. Logan and Mr. Teichert are available between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM (847-718-7111)