Lagunitas Music Scholarship

The Lagunitas Music Foundation has annually awarded $10,000 to the Wheeling High School Band Program since 2011 in memory of William Carroll.  These scholarships were used to send WHS band members to some of the finest summer music camps in the nation.

Three schools were selected for this award. Wheeling High School, Wheeling IL (Brian Logan, Director),  St. Charles East High School, St. Charels, IL (Jim Kull, Director), and Hanna High School, Brownsville , TX (Mike Kuntz, Director).  These schools were selected because Bill Carroll taught all three of these Band Directors when they were Bill's students at Buffalo Grove High School.

“Kids will have their whole lives to work.  This is the time to be exposed to arts, culture, good literature, music, and dance.”  -Bill Carroll

 This sentence embodied the work and life of band director, teacher, musician, husband, father, and friend to all who knew him, Bill Carroll.  Mr. Carroll taught at North Boone County High School for 16 years and three years at Buffalo Grove High School, Buffalo Grove, IL, before his sudden death in 1981, at the age of 47.  Mr. Carroll’s passion and tremendous musicianship, combined with his respect and high expectations for his students, created an atmosphere of joy, excellence, and musical harmony of the highest caliber.  Mr. Carroll didn’t just teach music, he used music as his vehicle for teaching life.  He was a man of tremendous talent and greater humility.  Mr. Carroll played trumpet in Chicago’s Civic Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and numerous other ensembles.  He was also an accomplished jazz lead player, soloist, and vocalist.

Mr. Carroll has been gone for many years, yet his legacy lives on through the hundreds of students who annually, and unknowingly, pay tribute to him through their work with Mr. Carroll’s students, who are now teachers. Because of the generosity of the Lagunitas Music Foundation we are honored to present scholarships in memory of our teacher of life and music, Mr. Bill Carroll.