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Congratulations, Wildcat Marching Band! The Wildcat Marching Band made finals and finished 9th place against a competitive field! Keep it up!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Wheeling Wind Symphony on their acceptance to the University of Illinois Superstate Band Festival! They were one of six bands accepted in their class throughout the entire state of Illinois! Way to go, Wildcats!

Outstanding Performances from Wheeling's Wind Symphony (Division 1 Superior Rating) and Symphony Band (Division 2 Excellent Rating) at the Chicagoland Invitational Band Festival on April 9th, 2018!

Wheeling's Wind Symphony was one of four bands to receive a Superior Rating at this Nationally Renown Festival.

Both groups received great feedback from judges and clinicians.

Congratulations To the Wheeling High School Jazz Combo

and Jazz Bands on wonderful performances at Jazz In The Meadows

the weekend of February 24th! 

Jazz Band 2: 3rd Place

Andrea Moreno won outstanding soloist!

Jazz Band 1: 2nd Place Class 3A
Adam Wagner, Jackson Kaprak, and Jon Musto all won outstanding soloist awards!  

Jazz Combo: 1st Place  
Jackson Kaprak, Jon Musto, Nikko Gonzalez, and Nicki Kouton all won solo awards!

Congratulations to the Wildcat Band Members who participated in the District 214 Honors Band and Orchestra this past Tuesday, February 27th.  The band worked with Mr. Richard Floyd, Director Emeritus University of Texas (Austin).  

The District 214 Honors Orchestra is made up of the finest musicians in the district.  The group is under the direction of Mr. Joshua Stewart.  

The following students are in the prestigious

Honors Orchestra from WHS:

David Martinez - Tuba

Kyle Mesa - Trumpet

Gabi Rankenburg - Clarinet

Daniel Lopez - Flute

Nikko Gonzalez - Percussion

The following students are in the honors band from WHS:


Gabby Garnowski Flute - Rank: 3

Leslie Gonzalez Flute - Rank: 5

Rebecca Montesinos  Flute- Rank: 6

Lauren Bernstein Flute - Rank: 10

Rachel Delmar Clarinet - Rank: 2

Madelyn Zussman Clarinet - Rank: 6

Adam Wagner Bass Clarinet - Rank: 3

Jackson Kaprak Alto Sax - Rank: 1

Anthony Cruz Alto Sax - Rank: 3


Felix Macías Horn- Rank: 3

Morgan Tadish Trombone- Rank: 1

Leo Quintana Trombone - Rank: 5

Milan Matijevic Trombone - Rank: 7

Joesph Karippaparambil Euphonium- Rank: 2

Kyle Splett Tuba - Rank: 2

Anabel Perez-Brennan Percussion - Rank: 1

Daniel Lopez - Flute
Gabi Rankenburg - Clarinet
Kyle Mesa - Trumpet
David Martinez - Tuba
Kyle Splett - Tuba
Anthony Cruz - Alto Sax
Jackson Kaprak - Alto Sax
Adam Wagner - Tenor Sax
Jon Musto - Bari Sax
Morgan Tadish - Trombone

Daniel Lopez - Flute
Adam Wagner - Tenor Sax

CONGRATULATIONS District 214 Honors Band
Lauren Bernstein - Flute
Gabby Garnowski - Flute
Leslie Gonzalez - Flute
Becca Montesinos - Flute
Rachel Delmar - Clarinet
Madelyn Zussman - Clarinet
Adam Wagner - Bass Clarinet
Anthony Cruz - Alto Sax
Jackson Kaprak - Alto Sax
Felix Macias - French Horn
Milan Matijevic - Trombone
Morgan Tadish - Trombone
Leo Quintana - Trombone
Joseph Karippaparambil - Euphonium
Kyle Splett - Tuba
Anabel Perez-Brennan - Percussion

Wind Symphony also performed at the
2016 Music for All
National Concert Band Festival
Indianapolis, IN, March 10, 2016

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